BIG VALLEY DESIGN | Founded in 2017, BV design has successively established offices in Chengdu, Guiyang and Japan.

BIG VALLEY DESIGN | BV design is an innovative design team of architects with diverse backgrounds.

BIG VALLEY DESIGN | The inspiration of us comes from life. It maintains independent design language and design concept in multiple areas of design life, and provides innovative and decision-making design schemes for the owners.

BIG VALLEY DESIGN | we focuses on people's behavioral experience in life. With behavior as the core and space as the carrier, it connects the emotions and needs between the design and the users and realizes the transformation of concept and value through strategic design techniques.

BIG VALLEY DESIGN | BV design creates the design in life, creates the life in design, creates the city in life.

BIG VALLEY DESIGN | BV design focuses on the Spaces related to life, from architecture, landscape to interior systematic design. It does not define itself according to the traditional design profession, but expresses its design method with unique design temperature.

BIG VALLEY DESIGN | BV design cover public architecture, interior design, landscape design and other aspects.


Design for life